Right Wingers in Power

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We have a number of right-wing governments around the world, some of these are in the US (till recently), India, the UK, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, and Turkey.

These governments share some common characteristics. Check out if the right-winger you are thinking about has these features.

☞ Majoritarianism – Hatred of minorities, immigrants

☞ Majoritarianism – Depicting majority group as victim and decrying its weakness

☞ Majoritarianism – Claiming minorities are particularly favored or pampered

☞ Majoritarianism – Fear of being outnumbered by immigration or by rapid population growth of minorities

☞ Intimidation of and violence against minorities and opponents. Usage of state machinery for these purposes.

☞ Virulent nationalism, constant invocation of external enemy and local fifth column.

☞ Repeated public exaltation of military strength.

☞ Veneration of a glorious past.

☞ Sexual anxiety: fears of miscegenation, of women of the majority being enticed by minorities, dislike of LGBTQ people.

☞ Heavy use of Propaganda. Reliance on short slogans, repetition of blatant lies, coded phrases and dog whistles.

☞ Intolerance of dissent. Opponents described as anti-national or labeled traitors.

☞ Pronounced anti-intellectualism, disregard for facts and data.

☞ Reverence for authority, personality cult.

☞ The need to radically rewrite history and find new national heroes and sources of pride. Equating history of nation with the sanitized history of one community while denigrating the history of other communities.

☞ Emphasis on patriotism and various public tests of patriotism (or lack thereof).

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