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There’s not enough academic or practical understanding of the ability of modern propaganda to cocoon even educated folks in contaminated information bubbles that are hermetically sealed off, for long. This has to be treated as a critical area of research for our species today. When large numbers of people lose their ability to rationally distinguish proven fact from plausible hypothesis from fevered imagination from outright lies, our politics and society in general become what they have become. This is the present we are in.

Educated folks have always been in their own bubble. Very few are in touch with ground reality. Very few. Journalists helped in the past.. but now there are no journalists.

The bubble is the veil of psychology. Propaganda will work only if it is laced with psychology. Secondly the bubble is not hermetically sealed, it is like a one-way membrane which allows only WhatsApp knowledge to flow in but blocks all other information and logic.

It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made
–Oscar Wilde


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