Family Maths

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In their homes and other early education and care settings, children make initial explorations into everyday mathematics, progressively developing and refining knowledge and skills as well as acquiring expectations, motivations, and beliefs about their math abilities. Family Math can blend books, games, and activities designed to maximize high quality math interactions with preschool children. The goal this post being to disseminate resources and knowledge that parents and caregivers can use to promote math learning among young children.

Why Family Math?

  • Family math helps prepare young children for success in school and in life.
  • Families engage in math in more ways than they might realize (and you can help make the most of it!).
  • Professionals who work with families play a key role in promoting early math learning at home.
  • Materials should be designed to increase the joy and learning that come out of family math activities.


  • Cooking
  • Daily Routine
  • Games and Play
  • Reading Together

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