Man’s Search for Meaning

13 mins read

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl tells his story of surviving a concentration camp and how this experience led to his theory on the importance of meaning in one’s…



11 mins read

Ikigai – a Japanese way of life which encompasses ideas like: what we love to do, what we’re good at, and what the world actually needs. The place where they…


Why Nations Fail?

21 mins read

Many theories attempt to explain why some countries are rich and others poor – but they all only get so far: According to the geography hypothesis, the differences between rich…


Crisis in Command – A Review

8 mins read

The United States Army in Vietnam was not a cohesive, functional organization, and most of its failures can be attributed to an abandonment of leadership responsibility by its officer corps.…


The Starfish and the Spider

28 mins read

A spider is a creature with eight legs coming out of a central body. It has a tiny head and usually eight eyes. If you chop off the spider’s head,…


2021 in Books

1 min read

2021 Reading Challenge Suresh has read 5 books toward his goal of 35 books. hide 5 of 35 (14%) view books Intend to read: Suresh’s quotes Goodreads Quotes…

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