Learn to READ >> READ to Learn

5 mins read

Reading is the heart of education, the knowledge of almost every subject in school flows from reading. One must be able to read the word problems in maths to understand…


Calendar Drift

15 mins read

What is today’s date?  If you answer that question, most likely you are giving an answer based on a calendar that goes all the way back to one put in…

Habits That Make Thinkers

2 mins read

What is the difference between students and learners – on the surface, it’s a matter of tone and compliance, but it also has to do with purpose – why are…

Messy Learning Develops Critical Thinking

4 mins read

Making a mess isn’t necessarily a bad thing anymore, especially with learning. I recollect a teacher saying Take chances, make mistakes, get messy! But what exactly did she mean by…

Facial Recognition and its Risks

23 mins read

Within just a few decades facial recognition has gone from being some staple of highly advanced security systems in movies to existing all around us and even in the palms…


Family Maths

1 min read

In their homes and other early education and care settings, children make initial explorations into everyday mathematics, progressively developing and refining knowledge and skills as well as acquiring expectations, motivations,…

Right Wingers in Power

2 mins read

We have a number of right-wing governments around the world, some of these are in the US (till recently), India, the UK, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, and Turkey. These…

Cistercian numerals

1 min read

The medieval Cistercian numerals, or “ciphers” in nineteenth-century parlance, were developed by the Cistercian monastic order (the Order of Cistercians are a Catholic religious order of monks and nuns that…

Evolution of the Cruel Man

13 mins read

For all the animals, humans have become gods. We at not like to reflect on this too deeply, because we have not been particularly just or merciful gods. If you…

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