Losing Friends on the Internet

8 mins read

A friend on mine turns into a completely different person while driving his car. While driving, he blurts out expletives at anyone he deems deserving. In person, however, he’s the…

Innovations Leading the Fight to Save our Forests

3 mins read

Forests are critical to the health of the planet. They sequester carbon, regulate global temperatures and freshwater flows, recharge groundwater, anchor fertile soil and act as flood barriers. They harbour…

Being Truly Educated

1 min read

What does it mean to be truly educated? Classically, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinand von Humboldt was a Prussian philosopher, linguist, government functionary, diplomat, and founder of the Humboldt University…

Meaning of Life

20 mins read

Who am I? What should I do in life? What is the meaning of life? Humans have been asking these questions from time immemorial. Every generation needs a new answer,…


The Value of Entertaining Training Material

7 mins read

A large number of teachers and instructors these days teach by presenting the visually spectacular / entertaining content. A popular perception amongst parents, teachers and school leadership is that the…


Teaching and Learning

1 min read

Most ‘good’ teachers: ‘explain’ very well modulate their voice speak slowly repeat themselves show demonstrations do theatrics They are so engrossed in ‘teaching’ that they forget to see if children…

When Tomorrow Starts, Without Me…!!

3 mins read

When tomorrow starts without me,and I'm not there to see,If the sun should rise and find your eyesAll filled with tears for me:I wish you wouldn't cryThe way you always…

Is it time to move on in a relationship

1 min read

When answers to most questions given below are TRUE, then maybe it is time to move on in any relationship: Questions keep popping up in your head Loss of Chemistry…

The Fine Art of Losing Friends

11 mins read

Reproducing this lovely piece by Avay Shukla  There are two certain ways to lose a friend: one, have an affair with his wife;  two, start a discussion on politics. The…

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