Bollywood Troubles

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What’s happening to the film industry is a vivid illustration of Neimoller’s poem. Bollywood deluded itself into the belief that it could appease this regime with silence and flattery. Its titans sealed their lips when Muslims were lynched and posed for photos with the PM. (Kapil Komireddi)

Some sought to profit from the new mood with revisionist period films. A few big stars who made noises of dissent early on—Aamir Khan, Prakash Raj, Anurag Kashyap—were persecuted in different ways. The majority preferred to be silent in the hope of being spared. (Kapil Komireddi)

This is a lesson for bollywood. No amount of sucking up to a fascist regime will save you. Your silence has been your complicity. Except for a few honourable exceptions, many of you have looked the other way. It is time for you to unite or be consumed by authoritarianism (Rana Ayyub)

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