Arnab-Partho WhatsApp Chats

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In less than a decade we have seen the biggest anti-corruption movement across the nation uproot one government (and a party famed for its deep financial corruption, nepotism and dynasts) and installed a new government that has broken all records of crony corruption, institutional corruption, moral corruption and power before everything. A party that spoke about Chal, Charitra and Chehra has moved to dirty tricks, total lack of character and flock of mini-dynasts).

The revelations from the Goswami-Partho WA chats are an indication of the sordid corruption at the heart of this government as it seeks to retain and maintain power at all costs and uses media lapdogs to spread fakery to the gullible honest people who take a dip in freezing waters at Haridwar hoping that their sins will be absolved and they will find ultimate salvation.

A regime notorious for keeping its own cabinet in the dark gave details of a top-secret military operation to a television blowhard. This isn’t by any standard a normal democratic government. It’s an anti-national enterprise devoted to cementing the big man’s personality cult.

Our democracy is unique. Will it stay a democracy? Hum Dekhenge.

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