Arithmetic Resource Page

These are some ideas and resources for primary school maths teachers and educators.

Place Value Worksheets

Name of the ResourceSource
Calculator FlagsSMILE
Place value chapter & activitiesCIMT
Place value resourcesSnappy Maths
Place value tasks with a calculatorSTEM Centre
Nearest toDon Steward
Powers of 10 FlagsSMILE
Multiplying by powers of 10Dave Taylor
Dividing by powers of 10Dave Taylor
Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10Teachit Maths
Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Multiplication Worksheet

Name of the ResourceSource
Multiplication FlagsSMILE
CrossumsTeacher Resources Online
Multiplication Textbook 1Corbett Maths
Multiplication Textbook 2Corbett Maths
Arithmetic practiceDon Steward
Thinking of Division as Multiplicationmathsmda.weebly.com


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