I’m Suresh Chandra.

It requires a considerable degree of introspection to write about yourself. I feel everyone must try to summarize oneself in an “about me” page.

I am a Mathematics and a Tech Enthusiast, an Imagineer, an Educator, a Data Cruncher, an avid Reader and a Soldier (now a Veteran). Born and raised in New Delhi (India). I started this site as a repository for collecting diverse knowledge on various topics of my interest.

Interest and Activities

My interests in life stem from these wonderful words of Albert Einstein

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

I love finding patterns in life, acquiring knowledge, observing people and engaging with open minds to discuss and share ideas. For me self-discovery; development of one’s best potentials; a sense of purpose and meaning in life; investment of significant effort in pursuit of excellence; and intense involvement and enjoyment of activities are key values to life by. Eudaimonia and Ikigai largely capture these values.

Activities: I enjoy cross-discipline reading that helps me pursue my interests mentioned above. Specifically, I read about evolution, psychology, philosophy, existentialism, logic, rhetoric, dialectic, history, religion, sociology, mathematics, statistics, technology, politics, and security etc. I read about 60-70 books a year. Consequent to reading a good book I make notes and capture the information acquired in my tree of knowledge.

I have a strong love of for critical thinking, problem solving and design, and I get extreme pleasure from data visualization, graphic design, and pretty much anything that’s visually interesting or beautiful.

I love to engage with young minds and share my knowledge and experience with them. I like to tickle their minds with various thinking issues.

Life View

I believe we are biological creatures without free will. Our goals, desires, flaws, and strengths can all be traced to evolution’s deep programming within all of us and on the other hand we as humans experience the same world differently. This disconnect between our experience and reality is what causes the confusion around free will, criminal justice, inequality, and so many other topics. In my view the best path forward is for people to accept this dual nature of our human existence – i.e., the curious reality that we’re both an unfree biological beings and wonderful fountains of love and creativity – and find ways to harness the fruits of each. The books The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature and Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior have captured these ideas beautifully.

Political View

After spending many decades on the planet, I believe in achieving progress through Freedom, Equality, Justice and Liberty. These are the key values desired from our political system. I absolutely detest authoritarianism of any kind and hate the lapdog media, corrupt civil servants and people allowing institutions to be subverted. The key in politics is balance.

Reaching out

So that’s me being real about myself. If you appreciated that, or you have a question, or a comment – or if you just want to say hello – please do so. You can find me on FacebookTwitter or reach me via Email.