Ancient Indian Philosophy

55 mins read

Books have been published by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as a part of a series called Cultural Leaders of India. The object of the series is to offer the general…

Centre and TRP

9 mins read

The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Shiv Sena are no longer handshaking friends and won’t be unless the Shiv Sena returns to the earlier nuptial arrangement – BJP on top!…

#2 – Angles

6 mins read

Once you have mastered the idea of points, lines and planes, the next thing to consider is what happens when two lines or rays meet at a point, creating an angle between…

#1 – Geometry Basics

8 mins read

When you start studying geometry, it is important to know and understand some basic concepts. This page will help you understand the concept of dimensions in geometry, and work out…


Why we Sleep | Mathew Walker

22 mins read

The Book Review We all have done all-nighters at some point in our lives. Being a software developer in the early eighties, long coding hours / all night coding was…

The Trial of the Chicago 7

19 mins read

It’s 1968 and the United States is in turmoil. Martin Luther King Jr is gunned down by an assassin in Memphis, Robert F Kennedy is shot and killed in Los…

Being in Denial won’t Help

9 mins read

The perceptions of Indian political leaders and top bureaucrats about their country’s position in the world appear far removed from reality. These elites appear not to be mindful of the…

Atlas Shrugged

11 mins read

ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY Only people who manage their lives according to reality and reason, and who strive to be productive on their own—with no help from others—are worthy of love…


Some Books Read

1 min read

Suresh Chandra’s favorite books » Share book reviews and ratings with Suresh, and even join a book club on Goodreads.…

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